Dec 042021

Final Surrender new album “Frogs In A Pan” will be released Dec. 10th. 2021 via Rottweiler Records.

Metallic, lacerating riffs blend with slamming, crushing heaviness. The listener’s ears are assaulted by incessant, pulverizing shredding and dissonant brutality until out of nowhere comes a whitewash of melody; a catchy, cleansing chorus amongst the chaos. This isn’t some bizarre, Bollywood-inspired dream thrust upon the listener’s subconscious, but rather the music of Bangalore, India’s Final Surrender. Using a unique and magnificent blend of hard hitting and abrasive metalcore and progressive, dynamic native influences, Final Surrender break new and unchurned ground with every song they fashion from their debut release, The Expanse to their upcoming faith-filled juggernaut, Frogs In A Pan.

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Dec 032021

Brotality have released a new single titled ‘Noisedive’ which is available on bandcamp/Spotify etc. now.

The Maopolski brothers originally started Brotality in 2016, but the band really took off when they first collaborated with Liam in the studio early in 2018. In the two short years since that fateful studio session, Brotality have released two EP’s and four singles and have garnered 1,800 followers on Facebook. Their journey has given them opportunities to play at such well-known venues as The Bitter End NYC, Bethel Woods Center for the Arts (where they opened for Deep Purple and Judas Priest), Hard Rock Cafe Philadelphia, Montage Mountain and Stage West in Scranton, PA (where they won 570 Music Show’s Best Metal Band award for 2019). A lively 2020 schedule sees the band planning to play at Creation Festival Northeast, Capstone Music Fest, and the iMatter Festival.

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Dec 022021

Vivaldi Metal Project‘s new album “EpiClassica” will be released on February 22nd 2022 via Sifare Music Publishing.

“EpiClassica” is a double-album (18 tracks ~ 95 minutes) that collects the immense talent of about two-hundred musicians involved including soloists, orchestras, and choirs. The new record features a larger cast of world-class musicians than ever before and, as on the previous album “The Four Seasons”, all songs will include vocalists, band, orchestra and choir, as well as a featured cast of internationally-recognized metal and classical artists,

It is possible to pre-order “EpiClassica” here and immediately receive (via download code) the digital version of “Dreams” album by Mistheria as a gift PLUS a 20% discount code for the purchase of any product in our online store!

This exclusive offer is valid until 20 Feb. 22.

Those who pre-order will receive the digital version of “EpiClassica” on the same day as the official release on February 22nd 2022 and priority delivery of the physical version of the album (digipak).

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Dec 022021

Malaysian Melodic Death Metal masters, Shamash have teamed up with The Metal Resource to bring you the exclusive premiere of the new lyric video for ‘Not By My Heart’. The track appears on their highly anticipated full length “Done with Misery” which will be released  by Rottweiler Records. 

“Done with Misery” is Shamash’s highly anticipated follow-up to their EP debut, “Suffering Servant” which saw three singles reach the top 10 on the CMW charts, with the title track reaching #1 in late January 2021.

Guitarist André Chiang comment:

‘Not by my heart’ is a fiery devotional song from the perspective of a servant who recognizes he is weak and depends on God’s word for strength

‘Not by my heart’ was written by Darren and Andre from a devotional perspective, both having very different tastes in metal, Andre being along the more traditional lines such as early Mortification/Living Sacrifice and Darren having a lot of love for modern metal bands like For Today. What you hear is an equal part fusion of both their sounds in one track while still maintaining the signature choral melody lines that are synonymous with Shamash.

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Dec 012021

Here it is. The entire Frost Like Ashes catalog prior to their recent “Fellowship Of Suffering” release. “Hoarfrost: The Compendium” will be released May 13th. 2022 via Rottweiler Records.

This is the complete early works of America’s greatest Christian black metal band on one handy dandy double disc package.


Remastered by Derek From.

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