Jun 162021

We are looking for (all-round) CD reviewers. This is what we ask of you:

“Basic requirements
* You have free time, that you want to invest in the website
* You agree with Mauce.nl’s mission statement and act accordingly
* You have experience in writing articles / reviews.
* Knowledge of the English language.
* Love for rock and metal music
* Work with deadlines for publications.
* You have the time and capability to write at least two reviews each month.

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Evanescence – “The Bitter Truth’

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Jun 172021

Some albums are so much easier to review than others, and for me the latest release from Evanescence was a harder album to just get down and review. It is not that “The Bitter Truth” is a bad album, it’s actually got a lot of things going for it, but it did take some time for me to get into it and unpack my thoughts about it. Evanescence has done well for themselves, and respect to them for their impact and influence they have had in the modern day music culture. Sure it’s been 10 years since they released an album, so one got to go into it knowing that things could be different, whether musically or lyrically, a lot can happen in 10 years that can influence and reposition a band. To think in 2003, their album, “Fallen” catapulted them into being one of the biggest bands of their time from America, thrusting them into super stardom, and here we are 18 years later. But remember this is not the first time Evanescence has had a major gap between albums. There was a five-year gap between Evanescence 2011’s self-titled third album and 2006’s The Open Door album, and even then the two albums showed some definitive changes and repositioning, so going into this review my expectation, and thinking was already in that headspace. So I leaned into the album with slight trepidation not knowing how I will need to approach this as a reviewer.

For me in a way through the soul of this album I can see for Amie Lee the personal struggles, and things she has gone through, had to deal with, and in some way now able reflect that back in a more balanced space, like the 10 year break was good for settling a few things possibly, and repositioning into a new headspace. Sometimes we just got to swallow the bitter pill where we at in life and move forward with hope things will get better and clearer as we progress and unpack the horizon before us. There is a definitive switching of cogs that has seemed to have taken place, and the album has a much lighter and brighter feel to it. It has a deliberate and well kneaded feel to it, a lot of thought process has gone into the release to give it the sound and texture it translates. Amy Lee’s voice for me also sounds allot more relaxed, compared to the previous release, it comes across with a greater sense of heart if you will, and a lot more sincere passion. It’s not like she is finished dealing with stuff, or wholeheartedly moved on, but you do get a sense that through reflection she is repositioning herself. “Far From Heaven” is a good example of that. It is possible one of the more hauntingly emotional songs and her voice on the song almost nakedly displays a strong emotional drive as she is dealing with things like her faith.

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Fit For A King Announces July Shows

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Jun 152021

Fit For A King will return to the road for the first time since the covid-19 situation this July. You can catch them at the following shows:

07/15 Springfield, MO – The Riff
07/16 Indianapolis, IN – Hoosier Dome
07/17 Mineral City, OH – Alive Festival
07/18 Indianapolis, IN – Hoosier Dome

If you missed it last week, the band debuted a music video for their track ‘Breaking The Mirror’, you can check it out here.

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Jun 132021

The Milena’s Codex is a new band on the market that is willing to fight to get their space on the scene and show their art to as many people as possible.
The band started working in the final months of 2020, so the band The Milena’s Codex arrives on the music scene with an interesting proposal that unites music and science fiction in a cohesive and multimedia way. A mix of times and experiences that move the world for many centuries.
The founders Gil Lopes (vocals) and Jarlisson Jaty (drums) in addition to working together in Doomsday Hymn have passages through formations of Heavy Metal, Power Metal, Hardcore, Crossover and other styles.
In the words of Gil Lopes (vocalist): The Milena’s Codex  is not just a random name, it represents a whole work I’ve been dedicating myself for the last two years”, it will be our concept and will bring the experience of this fiction in the lyrics and visual identity of the band, but at the same time each letter will bring its particularity, functioning independently of the fiction”.

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Jun 112021

Facedown Records are very proud to welcome HolyName to the Family; the brand new collaboration includes members new to the Family as well as Facedown alumni.

A brand new single ‘Perpetua’ drops today and joins ‘Fall On Your Knees’ and ‘Meet Me Somewhere Quiet,’ the band’s two previous singles.

HolyName founders Tommy Green (Sleeping Giant) and Joe Holt enlist the services of top musicians Brook Reeves (Impending Doom), Matthew Weir, Aaron Craner, and producer Ryan Leitru (For Today).

Long-time label member and friend Tommy Green: “HolyName is so excited to partner with Facedown Records. After working together on Sleeping Giant, the experience, relationship, and Friendship personally just made this the best decision.

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